NMCC ANNUAL REPORT (2012) Index English

Ⅰ Research

1 Reports

1.1 Clinical PET

  1. Detection of misery perfusion in the cerebral hemisphere with chronic unilateral major cerebral artery steno-occlusive disease using crossed cerebellar hypoperfusion : comparison of brain SPECT and PET imaging
    H. Saito, K. Ogasawara, K. Terasaki, M. Kobayashi, K. Yoshida and A. Ogawa--- 8
  2. Preoperative central benzodiazepine receptor binding potential/cerebral blood flow images on SPECT predict development of new cerebral ischemic events and cerebral hyperperfusion after carotid endarterectomy: comparison with cerebrovascular reactivity to acetazolamide
    H. Saito, K. Ogasawara, H Saura, K. Yoshida, K. Terasaki, M. Kobayashi, K. Yoshida and A. Ogawa--- 19
  3. Effect of combination therapy with the angiotensin receptor blocker Losartan plus Hydrochlorothiazide on brain perfusion in patients with both hypertension and cerebral hemodynamic impairment due to symptomatic chronic major cerebral artery steno-occlusive disease : a SPECT study
    H. Saura, K. Ogasawara, H. Saito, K. Yoshida, K. Terasaki, M. Kobayashi, K. Yoshida and A. Ogawa--- 27
  4. Imaging brain amyloid using the radioligand 18F-AV45 (Florbetapir F18)
    T. Shibata, H. Yonezawa, S. Takahashi, J. Takahashi, M. Kudo, S. Obara, T. Sasaki, K. Terasaki, K. Sera and Y. Terayama--- 37
  5. The changes of glucose metabolism in the brain before and after antiviral therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C and cirrhosis
    K. Sawara, A. Kato, A. Miyasaka, K. Suzuki and K. Sera--- 43

1.2 PIXE

  1. Elements of soil in dry evergreen forest of Thailand
    M.Sakai, K.Sera and S. Goto--- 59
  2. Effects of heavy elements in the sludge conveyed by the 2011 tsunami on the recovery of the marine ecosystem
    K. Sera, S. Goto, C. Takahashi and Y. Saitoh--- 66
  3. Effects of heavy elements in the sludge conveyed by the 2011 tsunami on health of victims of the disaster
    K. Sera, S. Goto, C. Takahashi, Y. Saitoh and K. Yamauchi--- 75
  4. Cohort study for prevention of atopic dermatitis using hair mineral contents
    T.Yamada, T. Takatsuji, S. Goto, K. Sera, T. Nakamura and Y. Nose--- 86
  5. PIXE analysis of microelement included in oral lichen planus affection mucosa
    S. Iijima, S. Ishibashi1, Y. Sugiyama and K. Sera--- 91
  6. Improved rupturing of irradiated microcapsules, using O2 generation by redox reaction of L-ascorbic acid (AA) by radiation, and targeted anticancer drug using those microcapsules
    S. Harada, S. Ehara, K. Ishii, K. Sera and S. Goto--- 96
  7. Mineral analysis of hair for the meal intervention in young females
    Y. Sasaki--- 101
  8. Trace elements in hair and blood of chronic renal failure
    K.Yamaya, S. Tsuboi, H. Saitoh, T. Funyu, C. Ohyama, S. Goto and K.Sera--- 108
  9. Determination of trace elements in organs and tissues of Zn-deficient mice by means of PIXE and INAA
    M. Yanaga, H. Shimoyama, H. Tanaka and K. Sera--- 114
  10. Measurement of elements in plants by in-air PIXE -Concentrations of elements in leaves of cadmium-toxic sorghum and manganese deficient soybean-
    Y. Ohta, S. Moizumi, S. Kawai and K. Sera--- 124
  11. Relationship between radioactive isotopes and stable elements contained in the aerosol
    J. Yuan, K. Sera and T. Takatsuji--- 139
  12. Chemical composition of particles emitted from direct injection gasoline passenger cars
    A. Fushimi, K. Saitoh, S. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, Y. Fujitani, A. Takami and K. Tanabe--- 145
  13. Cultivation of marine micro organisms by the culture solution based on the artificial seawater and elemental analysis by PIXE
    Y. Iwata and S. Takahashi--- 150
  14. Comparison of trace elements and resistant genes in Antarctic and Kamchatka ice cores
    J. Noda, R. Ae, T. Okubo, K. Hagiwara, K. Suzuki, Y. Tamura, Y. Iizuka ,T. Shiraiwa, T. Uchida and K. Sera--- 152
  15. Comparative study of fluorine and trace elements in teeth of sharks by PIXE analysis
    Y. Horii, S. Sakurai, K. Abe, K. Sera, S. Goto and C. Takahashi--- 163
  16. Hair elements of female Self-Defense officials concerned with the Iwate prefecture area-along-the-shore search after the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake
    A. Fujimura, Y. Ando, C. Takahashi, S. Goto and K. Sera--- 173
  17. Physicochemical characterization and size-resolved source apportionment of airborne particles in Himeji City
    K. Saitoh, M. Shima, Y. Yoda, R. Nakatsubo, D. Tsunetomo, T. Hiraki and K. Sera--- 190
  18. Trace elements in food materials and hair of village people in Craimbit village, Papua New Guinea
    C. Takenaka, M. Umemura, K. Sera and K. Nonaka--- 197
  19. Heavy metal accumulation in trees on an abandoned mine tailing in southwestern Japan
    K. Hori, M. Sakakibara and K. Sera--- 205
  20. Quantitative analysis with a two-detector measuring system in in-air PIXE
    K. Sera, S. Goto, C. Takahashi, Y. Saitoh and K. Yamauchi--- 218
  21. PIXE application in the context of ethical-jewelry development and promulgation
    S. Murao, K. Sera, S. Goto, C. Takahashi and K. Nakashima--- 224
  22. The analyses of bystander effect induced by X ray irradiation in glioma cell
    T. Ando, A.Watanabe, T.Kakizaki, K.Sera and S.Wada--- 229
  23. Spatial distribution of elements in a murine solid tumor caused by blood flow interruption
    A. Terakawa, K. Ishii, H. Yamazaki, S. Matsuyama, Y. Kikuchi, K. Kusano, H. Sugai, M. Karahashi, Y. Nozawa, S. Yamauchi, S. Furumoto, Y. Funaki, S. Wada, N. Ito and K. Sera--- 235

1.3 Pharmaceutical and Others

  1. Efficient formulation for PET radiopharmaceuticals using solid phase extraction
    K. Terasaki, Y. Ishikawa, M. Shozushima, T. Beppu, S. Goto and R. Iwata--- 244
  2. Fluctuation of SUV values with rotation of 6 insert sphere phantoms in the NEMA IEC BODY phantom
    T. Sasaki, K. Terasaki and K.Sera--- 251

1.4 Invited Talk (in Japanese)--- 252

2 Other Publications and Presentations (partly in Japanese)

  1. Journals--- 253
  2. Meetings--- 254

NMCC Information (in Japanese)

  1. Progress of NMCC--- 256
  2. Utilization Situation in NMCC--- 256
  3. Meetings Sponsored by NMCC--- 258
  4. Cyclotron Operation--- 259
  5. Radiation Management in NMCC--- 260