Waste management

waste management We take back disused sealed sources and collect the radioisotope waste, such as contaminated materials from laboratories and hospitals. We store them safely in our own facilities. We retain and utilize our recording data on supply sources to enhance safety and security.



Take back service for disused sealed sources

We take back disused sealed sources at the request of users. After inspection and checking of the nuclide data, the radioactivity, the serial numbers of the sources, and any surface contamination, the sealed sources that have been collected are then placed in storage. Imported sealed sources are returned to the manufacturers.

Collection service for radioisotope waste

We have a nationwide program to go around and collect radioisotope waste. All collected radioisotope waste is treated in accordance with its properties and is stored safely until delivery to the disposal operator.
We collect not only the waste derived from the use of radioisotopes but also the waste produced by radiation generators.



Storage of radioisotope waste Storage of radioisotope waste