Providing greater comfort and a better quality of life

We, the Japan Radioisotope Association, strive to disseminate knowledge and technology, promote the utilization of radioisotopes and ensure their safe use throughout Japan, and have established an integrated system from the supply of radioisotopes through to their disposal, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. We share domestic and overseas information on radioisotopes, take responsibility for the whole process of radioisotope distribution from supply through to collection, and ensure that all this is carried out safely and provides all users with confidence.

We aim to promote the beneficial use of radioisotopes and contribute to the development of science and technology, as well as helping to create a better quality of life.

Japan Radioisotope Association

The Japan Radioisotope Association (JRIA) is a public non-profit organization, operated by the JRIA's members in accordance with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To promote the utilization of radioisotopes and to ensure their safety
  2. To supply radiopharmaceuticals and labeled compounds, and to produce and supply sealed sources for medical, research and industrial purposes
  3. To manage radioisotope waste and disused sealed sources

The Japanese system of radioisotope use and the JRIA's role

The JRIA maintains an integrated system, from the supply of radioisotope products through to the management of wastes, in order to ensure the safe use of radioisotopes and radioactive sources throughout Japan.